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Yes! We are back. Though with a lot less content then before, we now have everything re-made and in forge! You need minecraft forge 1.7.2.
Includes currently:
Bedding, Bedding Scraps (9 Scraps = 1 Bedding! You will be able to get scraps from Mice soon, but until then I will soon add a crafting recipe which will be 1 wool = 3 Scraps)
Stone Claws, Diamond Claws (Working Crafting Recipes)
Thrush and Cooked Thrush (Though currently I did not add the furnace recipe for any reason at all)
Oil Drops, and Oil Slicks. Which is needed to repair and craft the claws.
Sorry about the lack of stuff in this current update!

Update 1.7.2;
I fixed how you couldn't cook thrushes, and I added a new biome-
The Twoleg Corrupt biome based off of when the twolegs wrecked the forest territory!

Warrior Cats Mod:


Download the Warriors mod!:

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